A Place to Inhale Vitality


Blending Tulum’s Beauty with Kimpton’s Comfort

Surrounded by the lush jungle and crystal clear turquoise waters, Kimpton Aluna Tulum is a sanctuary for anyone seeking an intimate and bohemian escape. Areas are designed to go smoothly with the calm acquired after a yoga session or with the vitality emanated after a night of dancing under the stars. It is perfect for grounding, for connecting with yourself and nature; and it’s also ideal for having fun days with friends and new people. The facilities are planned for you to meditate, get creative, clear your mind, swim, eat and drink by being completely comfortable. The hotel is located in a place with quick and easy access to local history, culture and activities within nature that, more than tourist attractions, feel like magic. Kimpton Aluna Tulum blends the region’s beauty with the comfort, quality and individuality that you are looking for when you leave the city.

Cool by the Pool

Want to refresh? No problem, we have two pools. The problem is which one to choose.