A Green and Blue Caribbean Gift

Our Hotel near Tulum Beach

You’ll Wish to Always Have It Close

Tulum has some of the most beautiful and unforgettable beaches in the world. Many of them are public, so you can experience them without any inconvenience. You can spend a full day enjoying the sun, the sand, the incredibly calm waters, and even eat at one of the local restaurants with access to the beach.

Although Kimtpon Aluna Tulum Hotel does not have direct access to the beach, we do have a beach club: Maia Beach Club. It is located in a private jungle within Tulum’s National Park where you will enjoy the pristine Caribbean turquoise waters and the soft white sand in what is known as the best beach around. The hotel provides complimentary shuttle services on a daily basis for our guests, or you can enjoy the bike ride along the scenic road.

Walking distance: 4.4 km